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Campos, Alberto (Mexico)
Cano Valle, Fernando (Mexico)
Caulfield, Timothy (Canada)
Caytas, Joanna Diane, Columbia Law School (United States)
Caytas, Joanna Diane, Columbia University (United States)
Chapman, Audrey (United States)
Chen, Sijie, VU University Amsterdam
Cocq-Rasmussen, Leif
Cohen, Peter
Cohen-Almagor, Raphael (United Kingdom)
Cohen-Almagor, Raphael, Chair in Politics at the University of Hull, United Kingdom (Israel)
Cohen-Almagor, Raphael (Israel)
Contreras-Garduño, Diana
Cornelisse, Galina (Netherlands)
Couch, Sander, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Couch, Sander (Netherlands)
Crasson, Audrey Anne, Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam (Belgium)
Crenshaw, Mariah A, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (United States)
Curry-Sumner, Ian, UCERF, Molengraaff Isntitute for Private Law (Netherlands)

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