“Digital Gangsters” Are Big Tech Giants Challenging Democracy?

Clara Alves Rodrigues


It is fair to say that the major technology developments are happening, nowadays, in the midst of Silicon Valley. There, the story has been told that technology can't be regulated, for it moves faster than law and a technology determinism has been created: all technology that happens must happen as it does, and could not have happened any other way. This idea has stuck, at least for a while, mainly due to lack of understanding of technology and the advantages big tech companies were giving us with their innovations, in exchange for little or even no price. Consequently, big tech companies ended up being the largest corporations in the US, by stock-market value and there begun the era of the frightful five: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. By analysing the behaviour of the Tech industry, this paper aims to expose the threats they pose to democracy and shed some light on eventual solutions to take back control over our society and its future. 


Technology law; Competition law; Concentration of economic power; Data collection; constitutional rights

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